Feather Large Jug

Feather Large Jug

Feathered Jug - a unique, coiled built large jug/ vase. Made in My Cornish Studio in West Cornwall. My ceramics are heavily influenced by the nature world. This jugs body shape was sculpted using inspiration from an upturned lotus seed head. The grogged clay was used to add texture and enhance connection to the vessel and clay. In the glazing process I wanted to create a feathered look to the finish. Each feather contains a unique blend of browns blues greens and creams. Truly delicious! I hope it’s new owner loves and it gives as them as much delight as it does me. I have loved making this vessel from it being just a simple ball of clay. 😍🌿Please note with all handformed pieces the beauty is in the imperfection (Wabi Sabi) the uniqueness of each piece. Each line, indentation connects you with the maker, the process and materials and you become part of its journey to life. 
Sparrows Nest Ceramics

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