Kurinuki Vases

Kurinuki Vases

Kurinuki vases. I love the process of Kurinuki a traditional Japanese ceramic process. It really connects you to the clay and it’s natural forms. It celebrates spontaneity and its instinctual process makes for the most beautiful handformed sculptured vessels. 

The larger vase has a inscription that translates ‘the way of the warrior’ 
The smaller ‘happiness’

I chose these two quotes as they reflect journeys many of us take. When we are brave and dare to take brave steps like a warrior we ultimately find happiness. 
Made in Cornwall. 
Sparrows Nest Ceramics

A:  Sparrows Nest, Trelawney Avenue,Treskerby, Redruth

Cornwall TR15 1RH

T:   07772492544

E:  carafitzmaurice@icloud.com

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