Painting Pottery
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I'm Cara Fitzmaurice, I live in Cornwall, a rural county in the Southwest of the UK. My studio is located at my home, which also happens to be the home of several sparrow families who return to nest every year, hence my homes name 'Sparrows Nest'. 

In a world of mass produced objects I create space for unique, handformed pieces that are made with love and inspiration from the natural world. We are eco aware and strive to make our home and business as sustainable as possible. Our home and studio is run with solar power, we recycle our clay, we harvest rainwater to use in the studio, we scavenge and find used packaging and have built a relationship with a local organisation and reuse their waste packaging to send out our orders in, so although you may find your parcel comes say with something like bubblewrap, it will always have been rescued from going to landfill. Any of our local deliveries and trips to the post office will be made by our electric car. 

My work is free forming and open, I believe there is nothing more authentic than handmade pieces where imperfections connect the product to the makers, creating an organic and unique look.  Many of my pieces are made using primitive techniques such as raku techniques of smoke firing, saggar and surface marking with natural materials that I forage locally such as seedheads and seaweed. I am inspired my the natural world around me here in West Cornwall, whether that's the earthy heathlands, the enchanting woodlands, the calm south coast or rugged north coast.

I have followed by heart to live a life that allows me freedom to live gently and to express my creativity, in January 2020 I left my career in nursing after 22 years to run Sparrows Nest Ceramics. Each of my pieces are made with love and gratitude, I hope the joy I have in making them translates to my customers.

I offer beginners courses in handbuilding, raku experiences and workshops.

I also offer small batch items such as soapdishes, bowls, salt and pepper sets.  

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